Laws §§ 26–41: Agricultural Obligations

  • § 26 (summary) the punishment for hiring a military service replacement person is execution and loss of property to said replacement person.
  • § 27 (summary) certain individuals who lost real property while being taken as prisoners of war during military service will be given back their real property upon return.
  • § 28 (summary) the real property of a military service person will be given to said person's son if the military service person is a captured prisoner of war.
  • § 29 (summary) one third of all real property owned by an active military service prisoner of war will be given to the military person's sons' mother if the military person's son is too young; and said mother will raise said son.
  • § 30 (summary) certain individuals who abandoned real property for at least three years will not be given back their real property upon return if the new resident has performed their agricultural obligations.
  • § 31 (summary) certain individuals who abandoned real property for up to one year will be given back their real property upon return; and they must continue to perform their agricultural obligations.
  • § 32 (click for more)
  • § 33 (summary) as a military commander, the punishment for mismanagement of soldiers is execution.
  • § 34 (summary) the punishment for mistreating lower-ranked soldiers as a superior official is execution.
  • § 35 (summary) certain individuals who sold farm animals given by the king must forfeit the silver.
  • § 36 (summary) fields, orchards, and houses that belong to certain individuals cannot be exchanged for silver.
  • § 37 (click for more)
  • § 38 (summary) certain individuals cannot donate their real property to family members or use said property to cover debt obligations.
  • § 39 (summary) real property owned and possessed may be donated to the owner's wife or daughter.
  • § 40 (summary) certain individuals may exchange their real property for silver; and the new owner is responsible for said real property.
  • § 41 (click for more)


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