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The eHammurabi Library provides a comprehensive catalog of terms and definitions related to the Law Code of Hammurabi. Each glossary entry contains authoritative definitions from reputable scholars and sources. Anyone can use the eHammurabi Library to get a baseline understanding of technical terms in fields like assyriology, cuneiform studies, sentential logic, and others.

You can find terms using several methods:

  • A to Z: use the first letter of each term (this includes numbers and symbols)
  • Categories: explore terms organized around staff-curated lists
  • Fields: find terms according to its relevant field of study

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MultiViewSM for eHammurabi allows you to compare up to seven different sources for a given law's content: cuneiform, transliteration, normalization, and the English translation.

eHammurabi Glossary

Assyriology is the study of languages, cultures, and civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia.

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eHammurabi Glossary

Cuneiform Studies is the study of languages with respect to cuneiform, one of the earliest known writing systems.

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eHammurabi Glossary

Sentential Logic is the study of relationships among words and their meanings in a formal argument structure.

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