List of terms: A–Z

  • A
    • acc. (abbr. of Accusative)
    • Accusative (Grammar) "a word case indicating the direct object of a verb"
    • Adjective (Parts of Speech) "a word that describes a noun or noun phrase"
    • Akkadian (Language) "an ancient language spoken and written in Mesopotamia between c. 3200 BCE – 200 CE"
    • Apodosis (Logic) "the part of the sentence that expresses the consequence, Y, in an 'if X, then Y' conditional statement"
    • Verb (Parts of Speech) "a word that describes actions or states of being"
  • B
  • C
    • Common (Grammar) "a word case indicating an unspecified gender"
    • Conditional Statement (Logic) "a type of sentence that contains a requirement, or condition, and consequence, as in 'if X, then Y'"
    • Conjunction (Parts of Speech) "a word that connects clauses or sentences"
    • Cuneiform (Writing) "an ancient writing system used by various cultures around Mesopotamia"
  • D
    • Dual (Grammar) "a word case indicating indicating two of something"
    • Durative (Grammar) "a verb tense indicating current, ongoing, and future action"
  • E
  • F
    • 1st Person (Grammar) "a word case indicating the 'I/we' person perspective"
    • Feminine (Grammar) "a word case indicating a female party, quality, or description"
  • G
    • G-Stem (Grammar) "a class of basic verbs"
    • Genitive (Grammar) "a word case indicating possession"
    • Genitive–Accusative (Grammar) "a plural word case indicating possession or the direct object of a verb"
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
    • lex talionis (Notation) "a Latin phrase that means 'law of retaliation', whereby punishments resemble offences"
    • Louvre Museum (Location) "a museum in Paris, France, and the location of Hammurabi's original stele"
  • M
    • m. (abbr. of Masculine)
    • Marduk (Deities) "an ancient Mesopotamian deity associated with the city of Babylon"
    • masc. (abbr. of Masculine)
    • Masculine (Grammar) "a word case indicating a male party, quality, or description"
    • Mesopotamia (Location) "a Greek name for modern-day Iraq that means 'land between two rivers'"
  • N
    • N-Stem (Grammar) "a class of passive verbs"
    • Nominative (Grammar) "a noun case indicating the subject of a verb"
    • Normalization (Writing) "the application of grammatical rules unto transliterated sound values"
    • Noun (Parts of Speech) "a word representing persons, places, and things"
  • O
    • Old Babylonian (Language) "an ancient dialect of the Akkadian language spoken and written in Mesopotamia between c. 2100–1400 BCE"
  • P
    • Plural (Grammar) "a word case indicating indicating more than two of something"
    • Preposition (Parts of Speech) "a word that connects other words or clauses"
    • Preterite (Grammar) "a verb tense usually indicating past action experienced by the speaker"
    • Protasis (Logic) "the part of the sentence that expresses the condition, X, in an 'if X, then Y' conditional statement"
  • Q
  • R
    • River Challenge (Other) "the act of jumping into the Euphrates river to prove one's innocence, whereby death suggests guilt"
  • S
    • 2nd Person (Grammar) "a word case indicating the 'you/you all' person perspective"
    • sic (Notation) "a Latin adverb placed in brackets after an odd or seemingly problematic word to inform the reader that it was transcribed as it appeared in the source text"
    • Singular (Grammar) "a word case indicating one of something"
    • Stele (Material Culture) "a rectangular, upright stone structure commonly found in the ancient world"
    • Susa (Location) "an ancient Elamite city in modern-day Khuzestan Province, Iran"
  • T
    • 3rd Person (Grammar) "a word case indicating the 'he/them' person perspective"
    • Translation (Writing) "the conversion of linguistic contents and their meanings from one language into another"
    • Transliteration (Writing) "the conversion of sound values from one writing system into another"
  • U
  • V
  • W
  • X
  • Y
  • Z


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