Laws §§ 6–25: Theft, Kidnapping, Robbery

  • § 6 (summary) the punishment for stealing property from a deity or temple, or acquiring said property, is execution.
  • § 7 (summary) the punishment for buying certain goods from a man's son or slave without witnesses is execution.
  • § 8 (summary) as a muškēnum (working-class person), the punishment for stealing certain farm animals from a man, deity, or sacred location is ten times the animals' value; the punishment for inability to pay said value is execution.
  • § 9 (summary) the punishment for selling stolen goods with adequate testimony from both the buyer and original owner is execution. The stolen goods and monies must be returned to the original owners.
  • § 10 (summary) the punishment for holding stolen property without witnesses includes returning said property and execution.
  • § 11 (summary) for property owners, the punishment for accusing someone of holding stolen property without witnesses is execution..
  • § 12 (summary) the punishment for deceased sellers of stolen property is using the seller's estate to pay a five-fold fine of the judgment to the buyer.
  • § 13 (summary) the punishment for buying stolen property and not providing witnesses within six months is a default judgment of guilt.
  • § 14 (summary) the punishment for kidnapping another man's son is execution.
  • § 15 (summary) the punishment for stealing a female slave is execution.
  • § 16 (summary) the punishment for hiding missing slaves upon notice is execution.
  • § 17 (summary) the reward for returning a missing slave is two shekels of silver.
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  • § 20 (summary) an escaped slave may be released by means of making an oath to a deity in front of his owner.
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  • § 22 (summary) the punishment for robbery is execution.
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